How to Take Advantage of Changing Forex Market Themes 

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    Oct 2020

    How to Take Advantage of Changing Forex Market Themes 

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    In everything we do, we should always be ready to embrace any changes that comes into our lives. Successful businesses, for example, create new products and services depending on the demands of the customers. Without it, the business will fail and competitors will see this as a weakness. 

     Changing isn’t easy. As a forex trader, your job is to be as flexible as possible. 

    One trait that we can distinguish from successful forex traders is their ability to figure out market themes by recognizing and taking advantage of patterns from different currencies and their timeframes.  

     Think of themes as theories that traders create to make a sense of the market sentiment for them to see what’s really going on in the market. This means that you should make your fundamentals and technical analysis of the market and make sure that they are related for a higher probability trade set up. 

    How do we discover market themes? 

    The first thing that you should do is to gather all the data that you can, economic news, political news, analysis, or maybe ask for information that your fellow forex traders know to help you get a kickstart before thinking of putting a trade on.  

    You should also keep track of the economic calendar so you would know what are the coming news for the following hours of the day. By reading this, you will be able to get a feel of the market. You can check whether it will have a positive or negative reaction and how it will affect the sentiment of the market. 

    After investigating the fundamentals, you can now move on to your technical aspect to find a valid forex setup that supports your biases.  

    Look for patterns, trends and indicator changes which hint that price may move with the market theme.  

    Discovering market themes is about combing all key data points and turning it into a working tradable framework. 

    For example, a news report from the U.S. comes out better than expected, and the stock markets soars but the dollar ends up getting sold-off. This can be a sign that the market is extremely bullish and hungry for risk. 

    Using this information, you look for a technical swing setup that enable you to sell the U.S. dollar versus high yielding assets such as gold and silver. 

    This not only applies to traders using the higher timeframes but also for scalpers and day traders because knowing what to expect for a particular economic report will work to their advantage.  

    When starting out and learning everything that is related to becoming a better trader, learning how to properly decipher the market is difficult. It requires patience, time and hard work. But when this is done properly, you can use this to your advantage and we cannot stress enough how important learning this to be successful. 

    The clearer the overall market picture is, the easier it is for you to make a trade decision whether the market will go in your favor is fake out. 

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