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Let’s Cover the Basics
The Foreign Exchange market operates globally, running from opening in Asia on Monday morning through to close of business Friday, New York. As a Forex trader, you speculate on the changing price of foreign currencies – always presented in pairs – purchasing at one price and seeking to sell when your currency strengthens.

Our training programs
Successful trading takes time to master. The Forex market is a large and complicated marketplace, constantly shifting and influenced by a range of factors. Knowing how this market works – and how to succeed as a trader – will save you valuable time and resources. Often novice traders believe that a fast and hard approach to learning ‘on the job’ can be enough to get them started. We believe that a comprehensive understanding, ongoing support and mentorships, and careful exposure to experience is the real recipe for trading success.

Learn to Trade has developed a suite of training programs beginning first for novice traders where we teach you the basics in our Free Introductory Workshop. By acquainting yourself with how the Forex market works, and how you can turn a modest investment into permanent financial freedom, you’ll learn everything you need to start our training program in earnest.

From there we introduce you to successful strategies which help you maximize your potential profits. We show what it’s like to trade with the professionals in a simulated environment. You’ll learn ways to mitigate your exposure and manage your financial risk with smart, successful strategies.

Register today for your Free Introductory Workshop and discover how you can start to learn Forex like a pro.

Due to COVID 19 outbreak, we have transitioned everything ONLINE. This is to make sure there is zero impact on your safety, security and still maximize your learning experiences with Learn to Trade.

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