The Success Mindset

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    Dec 2017

    The Success Mindset

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    Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do therefore it seems that success in anything comes down to our ability to take action in a systematic way consistently and these actions are a result of a success mindset.

    I want to discuss a tool “VISUALISATION” to add to your success mindset toolbox.

    September is here to bring great opportunities in this Forex world and I want to support you in getting the most out of your trading month by focusing on your Mindset to create the ultimate focus that you need to create consistency in trading results.

    I will cover Visualisation techniques you can use to increase focus when trading. These techniques are powerful and deliver results. It has been noted in the field of goal achievement that the mental imagery plays an important role in bringing dreams to reality. I would suggest that you give these simple yet powerful techniques a go and make your own judgement.

    The Visualisation Method:

    This technique is more suitable and easier for the Visual people. You are a highly visual person if you follow instructions when shown you how to do, you use words like I see, I get the picture, and you like doing things fast and move on to the next things quicker. Most visuals also speak faster, they also tend to take care of their appearance. They find verbal instructions difficult to remember.

    Step 1: Write out your 3 month trading goals. These goals need to be divided into a) Learning goals and b) % Target goals.

    Step 2: Review these goals daily for the next 21 days. Therefore please keep it simple and succinct. 2 lines max. For example:  Learn Stochastic and MACD divergence.  Notice the difference between different time frames. I will establish my timeframe preference and achieve 3%/ month profit consistency over this quarter.

    Step 3: Before each trading session just for a short 5 minute period close your eyes and visualise your plan working out. Run it in your mind’s eye step by step. Each rule is important for you and  you are following through your own plan. See the trade turning out in your favour. Take profit and see the pips earned and increase in your account.

    Step 4: (This can be a tad bit challenging so practice it again and again, eventually you will just do it easily!) Run step 3 backwards I.e see the end of the trade checking the account, pips collected, back up to your placing the order, back to your last step in analysis and keep moving backward till the time you opened up your trading session. And you are now ready to start.

    This is called future pacing. We have done it on a small time frame for pre-session prep.  You will benefit immensely when you do this future pacing for 6 months and 1 year and so on. What if everything you imagine actually happens? What would you imagine?

    Variation suggestion for Traders with Auditory and Kinesthetic dominant representational system

    1. You can record the process and play in the background when visualising. Run the entire process step by step listening and following the instructions while repeating to yourself what you are doing. I have found it successful with auditory people to do visualisation when they verbally repeat the process after listening to the instructions. For example; I am now looking at my trading plan. My rules are xyz and I am now executing the trade with this plan precisely.
    2. Kinesthetic people will also respond to verbally repeating the process as it will help with the visualisation process. Additionally I find it is successful that instead of visualising the process they write out the process again. This may take you longer than 5 minutes but you can jot down the points and use them as a trigger to visualise. Feel the emotion of going into the future of success.

    As simple as this processes may sound I know that some people find it challenging to apply this system before each trading session. I only encourage you to do this for the next 21 days and if you do not see results stop doing it and once the results are there then sharpen the process more do it again and again and then repeat again! The fruits of your efforts will certainly be sweet…

    Happy Trading

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