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What’s the secret to Forex trading success? The answer is simple: Successful day traders utilise practical, proven Forex trading strategies.

Learn to Trade has developed successful Trading Forex Strategies designed by professional traders who understand how the Forex market works, and how best to achieve the goals you set yourself as a new trader. Now available for Filipino traders, you can access our entire Forex education suite from home and start building your trading skills.

Strong Forex trading strategies are important for developing an investment plan which works for your trading psychology, as well as your investment capital. Designed for everyday people looking for solid avenues into Forex trading and generating a regular investment income, our Trading Forex Strategies help to minimise your risk and exposure by showing when to enter or exit trades at the right time.

180 Profit Booster

180 Phase ChangerTM
Powerful strategy based on advanced price action

Forex Income Wave

T WaveTM
Cutting edge trend based trading system

Forex Inter Bank Radar

Forex Inter Bank RadarTM
Institutional strategy that identifies trades with no trend filter

Money Market Breakout

Money Market BreakoutTM
Professional intra-day high probability system
These are the main two Forex trading strategies

End of Day


Intra Day


There are two main trading strategies generally used by Forex traders: End-of-Day or Intra-Day. We usually recommend End-of-Day trading for new investors and for people who are time poor or searching for less stressful Forex Trading Strategies.

Using the time between the close of the market in New York and it’s opening in the Asian market, End-of-Day trading is quieter and takes just a few hours every day for analysis and making trade decisions. You can evaluate how the market has trended over the day’s trading and make a careful, considered choice about your next investment.

Intra-Day trading is more intense, taking place during the day while the market constantly shifts and moves. Trades are much faster, and you need to maintain a constant eye on where trends may be taking place. Learning your strategies and honing your skills as an End-of-Day trader will help you prepare for the faster and more fluid Intra-Day trading.

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