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Find Financial Freedom as Forex Trader

Discover a pathway to financial freedom with Learn to Trade

There is no special trick to gaining your financial freedom. It usually doesn’t happen overnight and it usually doesn’t happen without acquiring new skills, a strong sense of determination and working toward a plan.

Learn to Trade has developed a tailored package of training programs designed to show you a pathway toward financial freedom through the world’s largest market – the Foreign Exchange market.

Building wealth as a Forex trader is about learning how the market works, understanding what influences it, and developing strategies toward making successful trades which help you build your profit margin. Now available from the Philippines, you too can reap the rewards of trading on the Forex market from home that our past graduates have enjoyed.

What’s involved? What is trading on the Forex market?

In its simplest form, a Forex trader purchases foreign currency and seeks to sell it when that currency becomes stronger. Currencies are constantly fluctuating and the Forex market operates from Monday morning in Asia through to close of business in New York on Fridays. This provides people from all over the world a large window of opportunity to purchase and sell, working across a range of time zones across the globe.

As a fast moving and dynamic market, the Forex market is not without risk. Nor does that mean, however, that you should expect to take heavy losses as a trader. Our training program is aimed at novice and experienced traders alike, teaching you the basics as well as advanced strategies which help you minimize your risk and exposure and capitalize on your success.

You have options on how you prefer to trade, as well. You can trade on the open market, as it moves, or choose to restrict your trading, watching how the market moved once its closed, and speculating on how it may change the following day.

Learn to Trade has designed and developed a training program which suits traders of all types and experience, showing you how dynamic you can be and how to trade to best fit your means and psychology.

Register for our Free Introductory Course and learn the essentials of Forex trading. We’ll show you what to expect, what trading looks like and what your potential as a Forex trader could be, including the risks you need to understand before embarking.

Due to COVID 19 outbreak, we have transitioned everything ONLINE. This is to make sure there is zero impact on your safety, security and still maximize your learning experiences with Learn to Trade.

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