Common Forex Trading Mistakes

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    Aug 2020

    Common Forex Trading Mistakes

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    Trading forex is quite overwhelming at the same time rewarding. You may win some and lose some, and this makes it discouraging to others. Here are some common mistakes done by new traders and some even experienced traders.

    Not looking into the News

    Currency pairs have a strong link in national issues and many other factors. This is also traded 24/5 which means that there is something that may affect and move the market.

    With this in mind, you should make sure that you know at least the gist of what is happening and be aware of the upcoming events. These would affect your trade as well as your forecast on what way the market would head to. Always pay attention to your technical indicators and compare it to your fundamental event analysis.

    Risking more that You can Afford

    This is a common mistake created due to emotions and not understanding how leverage works. You should familiarize yourself with margin and leverage to avoid risking more than it is planned.

    Being Too Emotional

    Losing makes you emotional and irrational and most of the time tempt you to make follow-up trades that is not in your trading plan. This is a quick reminder that no trader makes a great trade every single time. By this time, you should accept that fact that losing is part of trading and not get too worked up about it that you don’t follow your plan.

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